Type 1 Diabetes

Happy Anniversary?

Today marks the 3rd Anniversary of type 1 diabetes in our life. Some folks celebrate this anniversary, I can understand acknowledging it because it changes everything in your life, not sure about celebrating it though.

When I mentioned to Joey that it’s his 3rd year anniversary he got tears in his eyes and said this: “why would I celebrate getting my fingers pricked every day, and having to count every carb and taking insulin!”  I guess when we hear anniversary we think of celebrations.

It broke my heart that he got tears in his eyes, I wasn’t expecting that reaction.  So I put on my fake happy face and said that we should celebrate that he is healthy, smart, adorable and alive!!  And that I am so thankful for insulin and technology that makes his insulin pump possible!

We can always turn negatives into positives if we appreciate what the Lord has given us.  I am so thankful that we have this anniversary, it’s a blessing.  It could be much worse!  My heart goes out to the families of kids with type 1 that lost their battle therefore have a different kind of anniversary each year.

Today we will acknowledge this 3rd anniversary, and will celebrate Joey’s life, his excellent grades at school, his beautiful smile!

Happy 3rd year Anniversary, maybe one day we’ll celebrate the Cure for type 1, now that would be an anniversary worth celebrating!!


One thought on “Happy Anniversary?

  1. Well then, Happy Anniversary and Thank God for Insulin! We love Joey and celebrate him whatever the reason! Tell him that for us! 🙂

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