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Sharing Avery’s Story

Update:  With a very sad heavy heart,  I learned that Avery passed away on 4-30-2012.  It was very unexpected according to her father, who said she had gotten a “thumbs up” at her Dr. appointment only 3 days ago.  I will keep Avery and her parents in my prayers, and be inspired by this little Angel, now in God’s arms.

Like my quote states, once you know something,  what you do with the information is crucial.  When I heard the story of little Avery, and her parents making a “Bucket List” for her, it broke my heart, made me smile, and inspired me to share her story.   So often we learn of something and just leave it where we found it, but this is bigger than that, and I commend her parents for raising awareness in the way that they are.  When I read the statistics that 1 in 6000 babies are affected with SMA, I was blown away.  Even more surprising is that 1 in 40 adults are genetic carriers.   Having  a child myself with a chronic disease, I have come to understand the value of spreading awareness.  I’m sure that my friends and family get tired of us constantly posting my pleas for JDRF or ADA awareness, but if one person is inspired to give even a dollar to research, we’ll be that much closer to a cure for Type 1, and a better life for Joey and the millions of others with type 1 diabetes.  So please don’t get mad at us for raising awareness, maybe share a story or two with a friend, and they may do the same, before we know it we’ll have cures for the many diseases out there that affect our children and adults alike.

God Bless Avery, and all of you that will share her story.


Now that you know it exists, you can’t deny it, what will you do with it??


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