Type 1 Diabetes

Take A Rest Type 1, it’s Easter!

We had the most wonderful Easter weekend.  The only thing that we had planned for the weekend was going to spend time with family on Saturday night, and church on Easter morning.  Saturday, my sister in-law had the entire family over for dinner, the kids hung out, the adults caught up, and Type 1 behaved itself.

Saturday night we discussed what time we’d all get up to look for Easter baskets.  Tony’s vote was for around 9:30,  Joey was more around the 8:30 time-frame.   We had to start this ritual because otherwise,  Joey would wake us before the sun came up, and then we’d all walk around like zombies all day.

Sunday morning came around so fast, the Easter bunny was up very late, because the boys were up so late!!   Tony came in to get us up, turns out Joey had already been up since 5:00am, found his basket and had Reese’s mini Peanut Butter cups for breakfast.  Good thing the bunny left the empty bags of candy next to his basket, with the Carb information, so he could properly dose himself.

We decided to attend Easter Mass at Holy Hill, it’s a beautiful, spiritual place where we love to go and worship.  I was prepared to be in awe of the amount of people there, but there is nothing like seeing thousands of people, like a pilgrimage, all looking for the same thing, for different reasons.  Holy Hill has been considered sacred ground by the American Indians as far back as the 1700s. They  came to Holy Hill because they considered it a sacred place.  I agree, it’s sacred, the feeling you get is unlike any other, you can truly feel God’s spirit at Holy Hill.  People have come with illness, looking for a cure, some arrived with crutches, or wheel chairs and left without  them, the crutches left behind, now line the walls outside the Shrine Of Mary.   Of course I know that Joey wouldn’t be cured there yesterday, but among other things, I prayed for a cure for Type 1 Diabetes, I prayed that no more kids will lose their lives to type 1, and that our children will live long, productive lives.

Joey’s numbers had been pretty good all morning, he dosed himself good for his candy breakfast.  On our way home from Holy Hill we stopped for lunch, he had his normal, pancakes, syrup, and protein.   Joey was so tired, he fell asleep on the way home, and I could tell he wasn’t feeling the best, got home and took his blood sugar, the monitor said:  HIGH.  Which usually equates to over 600!!  We waited a while, retested, corrected, and waited.  Still high, checked Ketones, negative, rechecked, changed pump, finally started coming down hours later.  Never so happy to see 399!!  Of course by 11:00pm, he was 70, which is on the low end.  Really? Now we have to set the alarm for every 2 hours to make sure he doesn’t crash!  Give us a break, it’s Easter.

Type 1 Diabetes didn’t care that it was Easter Sunday, it is always with us, challenging us, frustrating us, trying to beat us down.  At the end of the day, we were thankful for the time spent together, the beautiful day, the spiritual fellowship experienced with thousands of people we didn’t even know, all there to worship our Lord, who gave us his only son, so we can have eternal life, the true meaning of Easter.


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