Type 1 Diabetes

Guilty As Charged?

Bucky BallsBucky Balls

  My husband says that I spoil Joey, not because he’s the baby, or because he’s adorably cute, but because he has type 1 diabetes.  I have been trying to figure out if I am guilty as charged or if I just spoil him because that’s what I do.
Case in point:  Bucky Balls!  These little round magnets make for hours of fun.  We first saw them at a friends house, you know who you are, (Nicki) her kids get very fun, out of the ordinary type toys, like the Bucky Balls.  Every time we leave her house, Joey has a new obsession.  I use the word obsession because he has always been the kind of person that when he wants something, he REALLY can’t get his mind off of it, he will talk about it until he earns enough money to get it, or we cave in and get it for him, normally, the latter.  So, last month these Bucky Balls were his obsession.
Trouble is, these toys/items can’t be found at Target, or even Toys R Us!  I have to get out the computer, call every Children’s Musuem gift shop, or Science Surplus store within a 50 mile radius to find them.  Ultimately, we end up going to Amazon.com and ordering.  We ended up ordering the Bucky Balls from Amazon, at a very good price! 🙂
This doesn’t answer the question as to why I go to the lengths that I do to find & get him everything he wants.   Or why everytime we visit Children’s hospital for his endo appointment, we stop at the gift shop, even at dad’s dismay!  I think maybe a part of me wants to give him the world, because his life is harder than most kids.  We don’t dwell on that, but it’s the truth.  Of course the joy on his face when he gets whatever it is, is priceless to me.
So, as the Dictionary describes the word Indulgence as:  “the act or practice of indulging;  gratification of desire.”
I plead guilty as charged, it’s not the worst offense I could be charged with.
Gotta go run and find green Nike socks, his latest obsession.  🙂
P.S. Not sure what my excuse is for spoiling Tony?

5 thoughts on “Guilty As Charged?

  1. Spoiling or loving? Either way, you’re a good mom and kids were made to be spoiled. I spoiled my kids too, especially my type 1 baby who is now 6’5″ and is a great kids in spite of being spoiled! Go for it!

  2. Ok so I was laughing out loud for this post! I am sorry about the Bucky Balls ~ I know what a headache they caused! But, so worth it ~ they are such fun! Little Joey…. spoil him! Whatever the reason! It’s how you love. It’s what others love about you. The details. The desire to give. The need to make others happy. Guilty as charged but for reasons so much bigger than type 1. Sending you a big hug ~ and admit it my friend… you’ve caught yourself playing with the Bucky Balls, haven’t you????? 🙂

    1. I laughed as I wrote this post. We all love the Bucky Balls, and yes, I admit to playing with them on occasion. 🙂 I believe that you and I are so much alike, we try to keep traditions alive, keep the little details that make such a big difference in people’s lives. This is why we are such dear friends, more like sisters. I’ve been waiting for your reply, knew it would make me laugh. Love ya.

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