Type 1 Diabetes

Under the Influence of Type 1???

Last night on the news, there was a story about a crash in New Berlin, the city I live in, where 3 people were killed.  It happened on Feb. 12th.  The daughter of the woman that was killed was once a student at the school my kids go to.  It was a tragic story.  Another tragedy is that the gentlemen who was driving the car that  killed them, was having a diabetic seizure.

This has lead to the question “should people with diabetes drive?”  Can you imagine telling your 16 year old son that he can’t get his license?  Or saying to my now 11 year old that his dreams of one day driving are no longer viable.

Here is what the Dr. on the news show said:  “Dr. Paul Knudson is an Endocrinologist with Froedtert and the Medical College. He reasons, “You know, he could have been doing everything right, and still bad things happen. but it’s very rare.”

I don’t know what the outcome of this story will be,  there is another story that is interesting, it might become a law that you can’t co-bed with your baby if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  That makes sense, it’s to bad that it has to become a law, but then again, when people are under the influence they aren’t rational.

So does being “under the influence” of type 1 need special considerations or laws?  I pray not.  The disease is bad enough as it is, please don’t impose regulations and laws on my son’s life, he faces so many obstacles already.

My heart goes out to the 17 year old girl that lost her family.  My heart goes out to the gentlemen that had a diabetic seizure.  Don’t have the answers, just prayers.

3 thoughts on “Under the Influence of Type 1???

  1. I retweeted this…hope you didn’t think I didn’t like you message. I was also, hoping, along with you that this doesn’t happen. But, when I tweeted it, I realized that it could come across wrong that I was criticizing your post. I was just, as you did, questioning the idea of type 1 kids not being able to drive. There is so much governmental control…who knows…anyway, it was thought provoking and Jake and I had a discussion about it. He wants to write a book for kids about type 1 diabetes and sports. Please pray for him March 7 is proday in Madison!

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