Type 1 Diabetes

Two weeks feels like 2 years

Joey has been home sick, something that has happened a lot this month.  First he sprained his ankle, which accompanied a sinus infection, next he complained of his tooth being loose and hurting,  a week later he’s feeling nauseous.  This kind of thing shouldn’t  happen to one kid in a two week period, or to his parents!! 

The week of the sinus infection/sprain, Joey missed one day of school.  Then came the tooth that was hurting, it ended up being an abscess that was ridiculously huge, missed 3 days of school.  Now the stomach flu has him home for 2 days, plus school isn’t in session tomorrow, so he has only been to school twice this week. 

For a child (or adult) with type 1, when they are sick, their blood sugars can go up super high, and can even cause a coma.  So as soon as my child gets sick, we have to come up with a “sick-day” plan of action.  And one of us has to be the caretaker because you have to know what you are doing to deal with a sick kid, with type 1. 

Did you know that when you are sick, your body goes into stress, and a hormone is released to fight the illness, this same hormone that is there to help fight off disease, can cause havoc with kids with type 1.  The hormone raises blood sugar levels and interferes with the blood sugar lowering effect of insulin.  That’s why it’s so hard to keep Joey’s blood sugar in range when he is sick. When blood sugars are out of whack, something called Ketoacidosis leading to a diabetic coma can develop. This of course is our biggest fear and nightmare.

So on Tuesday when Joey started vomiting and had a fever, our sick plan was developed, we’ll check his blood sugar and Ketones every two hours around the clock, try to keep him hydrated, try to get him to eat enough so that we can get insulin into his body and keep him out of Children’s emergency room.  

Yesterday was wonderful, my hubby Joe was home with Joey and I.  Joe was kind enough to send me out to run errands, something that had me popping in and out all afternoon. He was manning the home front with Joey vomiting every hour on the hour for 13 hours.  I could easily turn this story into one of love and admiration for my husband, but I’ll save that for our 20 wedding anniversary in May!

I’m happy to report that on day three, Joey is in the shower as I write this, singing his heart out to Adele’s Rolling in the Deep, we managed to avert a trip to Children’s Hospital, this time. 

Thank you Jesus!

2 thoughts on “Two weeks feels like 2 years

  1. I’m reading this with tears filling my eyes. There has to be lots of angels looking after Joey and the rest of you. My heart goes out to you. I love you, mom

  2. So glad he’s feeling better…. and you are lovin’ Joe so much! wink/wink…..

    Hopefully all the sick is now behind you and better, healthy days are ahead….

    Big hug your way ~

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