Type 1 Diabetes

Borderline Hoarder of Diabetes Supplies

Not even the beginning

Truth is,  I sometimes think of myself as a Hoarder of “diabetes supplies.”   When I think about the unthinkable, which would be a huge catastrophe of some kind, one that would prevent us from being able to get Joey’s insulin,  I get a sick feeling.   Let’s face it, without insulin, my child would not survive 2 weeks.  I can buy enough needles to last us a lifetime, but not insulin.  We get a 3 month supply, which of course, only lasts 3 months.  Sometimes at the end of the 3 months, we start to get low, a little panic sets in.  We are lucky to have our daughter nearby, that we could borrow from if need be, and vice-versa.   Doesn’t happen often, but at least a safety net.  Funny thing about insurance and pharmacies, they won’t let you get insulin before your 30 or 90 day supply ends.

So, if  you come to my house, and I have diabetes supplies lying around everywhere, don’t judge me.  🙂  Of course I don’t have them lying around the house, they are in our 4th bedroom, piled up to the sky.  Just kidding…

Makes you wonder huh?  Have a wonderful Day!

Insulin isn’t a cure, it’s life support!!

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