In honor of the Super Bowl this week.


He loves his Packers.

The Super Bowl is always an exciting event for us, (especially when our Packers are in it, boo hoo)  and whenever there is a big event around here that people celebrate, a lot of the focus turns to food, and what will be on the menu.  In fact, food is all around us, all the time.  When it comes to a child with type 1, food isn’t the obstacle, sometimes it’s the people around us that are the obstacle.

The misconception that kids with type 1 can’t have sugar is very frustrating to them, and to us parents.  But we carry on, and try to educate when necessary.  But, just in case you have someone in your life that has type 1, or meet someone that does, here are a few tips on what NOT to presume, and definitely NOT to say:

1.  Should he be eating that? (He can eat anything, as long as we cover with insulin)

2.  I brought sugar free for him.  (We don’t give him sugar free anything, they contain as many carbs as the regular foods)

3.  I brought a veggie tray for him.  (My kid likes veggie trays as much as the next kid, but don’t bring one just for him, and for sure don’t call him out letting him know you brought it for him)

4.  Isn’t eating to much sugar what gave him the diabetes? ( I might slap you, but no, he has type 1, not type 2)

5.  Will he outgrow type 1?  (Unfortunately not, he has it for life, or until a cure is found)

6.  At least it’s not cancer! (Yes, this has been said to me, and countless other parents of a child with type 1, how would you answer this?)

We’ll be at a basketball game and Joey will come in with his pretzel and cheese, or a hot dog, these are normal kid foods that go with the territory of concession stands, which we come across several times a week with two boys in basketball.  We get the looks, like, should you let him eat that???  I put my head up high, and ignore the ignorance.  He’s a kid, who eats pretty well, aside from the occasional concession carb fest.  So, back off.

Thanks for letting me vent about my pet peeves, these are things that we come across weekly, so are getting pretty used to, but, that doesn’t mean it’s not tiring.  That’s why we educate, educate, educate.  Thanks for listening.

Have a safe, fun, yummy time at the Super Bowl party this weekend.

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