Type 1 Diabetes

Really NBC?

The argument could be that it’s the writers of  NBC’s  “Are you there, Chelsea?”  that should be apologizing to the millions of people that  they have offended or hurt because of a stupid, irresponsible comment that they felt would bring laughs.  I think all involved should take responsibility and do the right thing, apologize and educate.

This is what was said on the Pilot of the new show on NBC:  it went something like this:  On the topic of too many cupcakes….
She became diabetic and ran off with her doctor,  it was okay, he was a really good doctor so she still has both her feet.”

Can you believe this?  I’m having a hard time with it because like many parents of a child with type 1, we know how this can be detrimental to the beliefs and misconceptions already out there, like that our kids got diabetes because they ate to many donuts or in this case, cupcakes.   And can you imagine the feelings of those people with Type 2 Diabetes, who do need to watch their sugar intake. What was the purpose of this joke?

Not to mention how insensitive it was, who or what group is going to be her target next week?  Starving children? Cancer survivors? Kids with Downs Syndrome?  Autism??? At least she has a lot of diseases to choose from.

She might not understand the uproar in our D community, because she has probably never stayed up all night checking blood sugars, or had to hold down an 8 yr old while giving him his night time insulin shot, which is different than the other 5 he may have already gotten to cover his food, she probably never  had to change a pump site for the 3rd time in a day, or chased a child around the house with a needle in her hand, all so he can eat his meal.  She probably has never stood by the bed of a child, in intensive care,  admitted to the hospital because they were no longer walking,  due to type 1 invading his little 2 yr old body,  and had to stand by for more than 8 hours while they were poking and prodding his little body with needles to determine what it was that was making him so sick.

Two years later she  probably never had to look her 8 yr old in the face and say these words:  “yes, you do have type 1 diabetes.”  She probably never had to try her hardest not to fall to the floor in disbelief and pain, that it was happening to their family again.

I pray that she never has to experience any of these things, but that she might hear about this, and that NBC might listen to us, we want our children to be proud of who they are, we’ve worked so hard to make sure they aren’t defined by type 1, but when actors or other people in the media make jokes about the very disease that could kill our children,  just for a laugh, we  feel defeated, but we will fight back!

Now what?  Let me say that NBC’s ” Are you there, Chelsea?” has picked the wrong group to mess with!  Parents of kids with type 1 diabetes are some of the most fierce parents out there.  Not that all parents aren’t fierce, but piss off a D-parent, and you are going to have quite a fight on your hands.

There are already many facebook pages with LIKE buttons, and comments ready to be sent to NBC!  It’s wonderful.  A real feeling of empowerment and support, even though millions might have watched the show, I have a feeling our group of parents are going to reach just as many through Social Media.  Over 346 million people have diabetes worldwide.

An ironic discovery is that NBC is now owned by Comcast,  a huge advocate of JDRF.  8/7/06:  The Washington Examiner Follow Us @Dcexaminer:  “The Maryland Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation has named Comcast,  Maryland-Delaware operation as its first Media Partner of the Year.  The foundation created the Media Partner Award as a way to recognize media partners that lend their support to raising awareness of juvenile diabetes and promoting the organization’s overall missions.”  Hmm, wonder how this will go over at the next meeting?

Please join us in our efforts to tell NBC enough, take responsibility for what you allow to air on your network!  We will contact your sponsors and we will turn off your channel.

Thanks. Here is a link for more information: http://www.facebook.com/pages/NBC-346-Million-People-Deserve-An-Apology/210826292341284


2 thoughts on “Really NBC?

  1. The misconceptions out there are both astounding and extremely detrimental. MTV aired “True Life: I have Diabetes” this week and there were similar “cupcake” comments. One of the people was like “My doctor put me on insulin shots because I was eating too much Taco Bell.” Comments like that, without proper education to debunk myths, is what creates “The Diabetes Police!”

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