One Night In The Life Of A Parent & Child With Type 1 Diabetes

It’s been a rough couple of nights at our house. Two nights ago I had an overwhelming feeling to check Joey’s blood sugar, at 2:30am. He was 46. This is extremely low and needs immediate attention. He drank a juice box, we rechecked in 15 minutes to make sure his bs went up. It did. Set alarm for 1.5 hrs later (4:00am) to recheck, just to be on the safe side. Everything ok, set alarm for 6:30am to start day.

Unfortunately Joey doesn’t sleep through these checks, as soon as I go for his little fingers, he pulls back and so I have to wake him up, which especially when low, can be like waking a bear in hibernation. It’s ugly.

Last night: 2:00am bs check: 315. Extremely high, needs correction (which means give insulin) and set alarm for 1.5 hrs. (3:30am) Alarm goes off, I must hit it off, fall back to sleep, without checking. 4:00am, Joey comes in to my room, feeling low, (this time he woke up on his own) bs is 75. Anything under 80 is low and needs to be treated. Has to chew 2 quarter size glucose tabs worth 4 carbs each. Can you even imagine? Recheck in 15 minutes, 4:15am, numbers going up, reset alarm for 6:30am to start our day. 6:30am: bs: 106. Perfect, except for Joey can’t start out day that low. Is feeling hungry for breakfast, am very excited, because usually can’t tolerate breakfast that early. Dosed for his breakfast, can’t wait to get the call at 10:00 with his bs.

If you see me and I look tired, or a little cranky, please forgive me. Lately when I get into bed I find myself counting test strips, instead of sheep to try and fall asleep. Have a blessed day.


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