Type 1 Diabetes

Really NBC?

The argument could be that it’s the writers of  NBC’s  “Are you there, Chelsea?”  that should be apologizing to the millions of people that  they have offended or hurt because of a stupid, irresponsible comment that they felt would bring laughs.  I think all involved should take responsibility and do the right thing, apologize and educate. This is what… Continue reading Really NBC?

Type 1 Diabetes

HA Charger vs. Type 1 Diabetes

This is the year that every Catholic School sports minded kid waits for: 5th grade,  the year that they can participate in their school sports program. Joey has been anxiously waiting to play basketball as an HA Charger since 4K. He looks great in the uniform, loves going to practice, loves his team and coaches.… Continue reading HA Charger vs. Type 1 Diabetes


One Night In The Life Of A Parent & Child With Type 1 Diabetes

It’s been a rough couple of nights at our house. Two nights ago I had an overwhelming feeling to check Joey’s blood sugar, at 2:30am. He was 46. This is extremely low and needs immediate attention. He drank a juice box, we rechecked in 15 minutes to make sure his bs went up. It did.… Continue reading One Night In The Life Of A Parent & Child With Type 1 Diabetes